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Jul 2, 2007

Week 8 - Thing 19: WEB 2.0 AWARDS

Okay, so this isn't a WEB 2.0 Award winner,
but it's a winner. It's a variegated Phlox,
to be exact, and I love it.

I went to the Web 2.0 Awards nominees list, and I chose to play around with Picnik online photo editing. I've yet to install the software that came with my new digital camera, so this site pulled me in. The advantage to using this website as opposed to software is pretty obvious. I don't need to be at my computer to edit my pictures, I can do that anywhere. This site ought to be a great help when I head to Sayulita in November. I'll be able to jazz up my pictures, using special effects, before I e-mail them back to the states to make everybody wish they were there.

This is an image from the Pounding Flowers program at Wec this spring
that I edited using Picnik.

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LbryGrl said...

Is the flower LYSIMACHIA punctata Alexander : CIRCLE FLOWER? - LbryGrl (Nadine)