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Sep 9, 2008


This puffball weighed in at one-and-a-half pounds. That's POUNDS! That's half as much as Alex's brain weighs. (Assuming that Alex's brain weighs about as much as the "average" adult brain.)

Steve's job was to carry the concord grapes he found on our 'shrooming adventure. He's doing a good job of it, wouldn't you say? (There were lots more grapes - Steve, Alex and Wendy went back with a container to pick more.)

Be sure to educate yourself about edible and non-edible mushrooms before you eat any of them!
We've found The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms to be the premier reference for 'shrooming and identifying your finds.

So we've had a lot of rain, and that seems to bring out the mushrooms. And that, in turn, brings out the 'shroomers. We found these babies in our yard and our neighbors' yards. I wonder if our neighbors noticed anything going on out there?

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