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Sep 1, 2008


Waiting for the pears to ripen so I can make lemon-pear butter for the winter.Last of the peaches waiting to be turned into spiced-peach preserves and peach butter.
White grapes almost ripe--they'll become white-grape jelly.


L. Beard said...

With audacity--you go girl!

thanks for the peaches--7 quarts and 16 pints of delightful little peaches.

I hope that man doesn't but me any more jars, cause I'm done!

Stella said...

Is "that man" your man who helped pick peaches? Dwayne, that is?
And aren't those little peaches cute?!! That's a lot of jars you got out of that little bit of peaches--I'm impressed. I picked the last of them yesterday, up on the ladder so I could reach the very top, and they are the biggest of all. But before I picked them, I sat UNDER the tree with a paring knife and ate quite a few ripe peaches that had fallen to the ground! I can't think of anything tastier than a super-ripe, sun-warmed, juicy peach dribbling down my chin. And eating it under the tree makes for the perfect ambience!!!

Little Willis came in Saturday evening. Uncle Pat sent some cucumbers because nobody has pickling cucumbers now and I promised Wendy we would make pickles since she had fallen in love with Pat's bread-and-butter pickles when we were in Tennessee.
Wendy and I jarred 12 pints--not too shabby. She's the only one among us who LOVES them, so they should last for awhile.

L. Beard said...

I hope Wendy knows how lucky she is to have you around!