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Aug 7, 2008


Front yard (wrap-around porch & grass to come!)

View from back door.

Willis's home from September to June. No electricity or plumbing--just a wind-up radio and lamp.

Woods on all sides.

Tennessee toad - I almost stepped on him.

Back-of-the-camper at the edge-of-the-woods privy. Worked well unless it was 10 degrees and the wind was blowing. Then the 1/2 mile walk up the driveway to Aunt Faye's house was more appealing.


____Maggie said...

Hello Stella! Sorry to be so absent! Those darn vacations. I was just thinking how nice the privey was, but is it stable?!? ;D

Stella said...

Welcome back. Hope your vacation was restful. (And you were missed.)

That privy is no longer used, and I didn't try it out. However, Willis never mentioned having a problem with it. The only thing he complained about was having to chase after runaway bits of toilet paper in the woods on windy days. (Don't mean to gross anybody out, but this is about living life in the rough, which is also about bein' real.)

L. Beard said...

Forget the privy and that cute little car of yours--Who's tractor is that sittin pretty next to the deluxe guest accommodations?

Stella said...

It's Willis'. Isn't it cool? But he wants a saw mill now. Everything anybody says, his response to them usually involves mentioning "If I had a saw mill I could..."

L. Beard said...

A sawmill, a welder, a log splitter, a shop, a tractor, wagons, four wheelers, a generator, a sprayer, etc. All quite neccessary for the self reliant life. Unfortunately I'm afraid Dwayne would be working on the still instead of my compound.

Wid said...

Lynn has a good eye. Without that beauty, progress would have been painfully slow. Some things wouldn't have been possible at all. As for the wagons, fourwheelers,etc.. just a bit more time. Forgot to mention the fondness spiders have for outdoor facilities. Always check before you sit. I'll have to forward some pictures of my favorite part of it all. The mud. In all its various forms. Thanks for the homage to my dream,Mom. Love ya