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I'm a Library Associate/Adult Services in Maryland. I'm married. I have three children and two grandchildren. And I have twenty chickens and one beehive in the backyard.

Aug 21, 2008



____Maggie said...

Well, it looks good and dark,and I imagine loads of worms. :)

Stella said...

Becky (my daughter) and I worked on the compost bins on Wednesday. Besides the stuff that we transferred from the two bins on the right that had not started to break down yet, we added poop and straw from a neighbor's backyard pile that we raided. We drove the tractor 1/2 mile down the road (twice) and forked a wagonload and brought it back to OUR backyard operation. Multiple layers and water added with the hose throughout the process means our operation is now heating up. I'm at work today, but I went out to the bin this morning before I left and stuck the thermometer in the side of the compost. It's up to 125 degrees. Yeah!