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I'm a Library Associate/Adult Services in Maryland. I'm married. I have three children and two grandchildren. And I have twenty chickens and one beehive in the backyard.

May 16, 2008


What's HE doing in my garden? Eating that row of spinach? Or nibbling on my peas? Maybe eating from the row of lettuce or even eating the lettuce that seeded down all over the garden? I guess there's enough there to share--I just hope he saves US some.


Wendy said...

That rabbit had better not eat all of the peas! :)

____Maggie said...

Yay! Thanks for joining the Southern Reading Challenge! What will you be reading? Confederates in the Attic? The Prince of Frogtown? Inquiring minds want to know!!! ;D

____Maggie said...

Oh, nice wrought iron piece in the garden. I'm crazy for garden art such as these architectural touches.

Aisling said...

Stellamarie, Thanks for visiting my blog! I posted a photo on Wednesday of a recent visitor to my garden. He (or she) was a little bigger than your little friend here - although I have rabbits in the garden too.

I love all of your flower photos along the right sidebar. If you want, come by my blog on Sunday and participate in my Sunday Stroll. :)

StellaMarie said...

Thank you. The stroll sounds lovely. I just might do that. I love the print--it leaves me to imagine what that deer must look like. Looks pretty big!!