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May 31, 2008



Tony Horwitz

Hardcore reenact
Spooning shooting bloating rebs
No farbs to be found.


____Maggie said...

This is great, Stella! Now, is a farb the reenacter that breaks the rules? What does farb mean? Thanks for playing! :)

StellaMarie said...

Well, I was hoping you and others had read the book because "farb" is such a neat word that exists among the hardcore reenactors that Horwitz spent time with while researching for this book. These men turn their noses up at Civil War reenactors, they call them farbs. They ordered each other to stop farbing when they did something that wasn't "authentic," such as wearing clothing that wasn't authentic to the Civil War era or smoking contemporary brand cigarettes when they were out on a reenacting mission. They really got into it all, so they were hyper critical of those who were more casual about it. And one of the characters was so good at being a casualty on the battlefield that he could fall down instantly and bloat up to look just like a Civil War soldier who had lain on the battlefield for a while after dying. This book is about what I thought it would be about (those Southern diehards who won't let go of the "War Between the States." But it's about a whole lot of other stuff, too. I just love the South, warts and all!!

____Maggie said...

Thanks Stella. That's how hubby explained it. Hubby knows all in our house. He got it from Tishomingo Blues by Elmore Leonard. Hubby is getting to enjoy all the Haikus, too! :) Thanks again!

StellaMarie said...
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StellaMarie said...

What would we do without them? (Husbands, that is!) And thanks for passing on a title of another book to consider reading--I'll put it on my list of books to get to! So was hubby's haiku the one with the snarling dog?