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I'm a Library Associate/Adult Services in Maryland. I'm married. I have three children and two grandchildren. And I have twenty chickens and one beehive in the backyard.

Nov 25, 2007

Nick, Beck, Ben, Alex and Manuel, our boat captain, jumped ship and swam out to this cliff. Their plan was to climb up the face of the cliff and jump. However, it didn't take them long (after attempting the climb) to realize that their plan was flawed. In the meantime, Manuel made it to the top pretty fast and then back-flipped into the water. Willis, Wendy and I were chewing our fingernails as we watched because we could see little specks trying to climb the cliff that looked awfully tall. We felt better when they began swimming back to the boat, but it took longer to get back than it took to get out there. Alex cut his toe on the cliff when he tried to climb it, and Beck was thrown against some rocks that she was swimming between when a wave washed into her. Both of them trailed blood as they swam back. Manuel told us that he and his friend had seen a tiger shark in that area in the past.

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