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Oct 12, 2007

October 12 - NEW CONTEST

Congratulations Nadine!

Nadine and Bob are both right - the flower's common name is yellow loosestrife, and its Latin name is Lysimachia punctata. However, since Nadine beat Bob to the punch (by 14 minutes) and posted her answer here first, the applebutter is hers. (Sorry, Bob. I have to tell you, though, that I'm impressed that you could name this flower, even its common name, because I sure didn't get it right originally. Oh, and Christina's impressed, too.)


LbryGrl said...

Is the flower: LYSIMACHIA punctata Alexander : CIRCLE FLOWER? - Lbrygrl (Nadine)

rkuntz said...

How 'bout a Variegated Yellow Loosestrife?

bob k

Loomlady said...

Looks like bob said it first. It looks like variegated loosestrife to me too....

L. Beard said...

I guess Variegated Heliacrysum. This is exactly what Amy assumes I do everytime I tell her a name of something--guess.

I hope your compost is cooking and your greens florishing.

Miss talking to you.

I hope I'm right the apple butter looks delicious, but you Nate would rather have worms from the compost.