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Jun 22, 2007

Week 6 - Thing 15: WEB 2.0, LIBRARY 2.0 & THE FUTURE OF LIBRARIES

Library 2.0. Wow!
We are on our way (are we there yet?) to a whole new world. A world where we will meet our users' needs in new and improved ways. Ideas/ways of doing things/programs will be discarded/replaced with what our users want, which will be driven by "zeitgeist." (My new vocabulary word for the day!) But we must chauffeur our customers, not be prodded or dragged by them, to this new world. And when we get there, because surely we will arrive in the next second (well..maybe two), we should already have packed/planned along the way for the next destination. As a consequence, we will be the controllers/drivers of each new stage, scanning the horizon as we go.

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